We Are Yoga presents NomadWAY, an immersion into your yoga business, body, and mind. Designed for studio owners and staff, we have combined a WAY lifestyle yoga retreat with Nomad Business Coaching to create a 6-day series of workshops, yoga, and merriment to empower you and amp up your studio with current industry best practices. Nomad Business Coaching founder, Josh Biro, will lead participants through his training course, The Foundation. Through this coursework you will:
  •  Get clear with your personal and business vision
  • Optimize your pricing, schedule, & cash flow
  • Learn proven, good feeling sales & marketing techniques
  • Understand how to keep your finger on the pulse through easy in-depth reporting
  • Improve the output & enthusiasm of your staff
With these tools you will gain all of the resources and training needed to take control of your business and get excited about the future!

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