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Joseph Encinia

1472041_10152120476234789_2077359533_nBirthday: August 16, 1985
Birth City: Dallas, TX
Resides: New York, NY

About Joseph Encinia:
Yoga to me is everything! I practice because yoga has healed me…Physically it’s made me stronger and more flexible then I could ever imagine. Having suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 20 years and experiencing a heart attack in my teens left me feeling I was at the worlds end. Yoga brought me back to life and has allowed me to push myself and contort my body into positions I once never thought possible.

Mentally, yoga has improved many qualities of my mind such as Determination, Self-Control, Concentration, Patience, & Faith. It takes a strict level of determination and self control to step foot into a yoga studio. It takes concentration to come back for more. And it takes patience and faith to grow in the practice.

Spiritually, yoga has helped me to understand my Self.

Joseph grew up in Dallas, Texas and at a young age he suffered from Rheumatoid arthritis, a heart attack and excessive weight gain. The physical challenges he faced as a child affected his mental and emotional health as a young adult. At the age of 19 Joseph discovered Bikram Yoga and within within a year his life was transformed on all levels. By practicing yoga daily, he achieved vibrant health shedding pounds and medication.

Joseph first competed in Texas in 2005 then after years of dedication he won 1st place in the 2009 & 2010 National Yoga Asana Championship and placed 2nd internationally. In 2011, Joseph fulfilled his dream and became the US National and International gold medalist. After taking a few years off to coach, host, and judge as a board member of USA Yoga, Joseph has returned to the 2014 competition season to add more achievements to his championship career.

Yoga has given Joseph the gift of life. Now his mission in life is sharing the gift of Yoga and inspiring others to be the best they can be. Joseph teaches yoga full time in NYC and in the past year has taught at Bikram’s 1st school in Mumbai, India. In his spare time Joseph enjoys traveling, studying philosophy & science and playing guitar.

My Yoga Superhero:
El Escorpion!

My special powers allow me to do what kind of good in the world?
By stamping his feet to his head, El Escorpion, reminds himself and the world around him to rid the mind of all bad qualities and remain in service to others.

Visit My Website: www.josephencinia.com

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