Student Highlight: At 85 Years Old, Age is Just a Number

We Are Yoga Student InterviewWilliam Tappe is a student at We Are Yoga’s Ormond Studio. At 85 years old, he’s inspiration to anyone who’s ever said they are “too old”, or “it’s too tough” to practice yoga. Tappe is a retired director of the United States Travel and Tourism Administration. He lived in Paris for 15 years and spent 10 years in Mexico before coming to Ormond Beach, FL. To stay fit, he used gravity boots to do sit-ups.

Tappe first started doing yoga when he retired and bought a horse farm in France. Seven years ago he started hot yoga at We Are Yoga Ormond, but quit because it was challenging. Recently, he decided to get back into it and said he told himself “I don’t care how tough it is, I’m gonna do it!”

Tappe’s favorite hot room posture is a headstand. He’s also been pictured in a “Yoga for Dummies” book. At 85 years old, doing headstands in a hot room is inspiration for everyone!

We Are Yoga Student Interview

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