10 uses for your WAYmat (other than yoga)


The WAY team found some interesting uses for the WAYmat…aside from yoga. While the WAYmat won’t cure cancer, it does make things much more awesome.

1. WAYmat Beach towel. It’s larger than the standard yoga mat, which also makes it a perfect beach towel to cover your chair or lay in the sand when you are soaking up the sunshine. Regular towels are overrated.

2. Baby changing WAYmat. It’s soft and washable, thus making it the perfect baby diaper changing mat.┬áParents know what we’re talking about.

3. Chair cover. Does your furniture need some extra style and comfort? The WAYmat can make even  the most uncomfortable or hideous chair the best seat in the house.

4. WAYmat attire. It’s as comfortable as a Snuggie but not nearly as obnoxious to wear. Yogis, flaunt your WAYmats with pride and keep warm traveling to or from practice. Who needs a jacket? WAYmat has you covered.

5. Car Seat Cover. Getting hot during the summer? Little Sweaty after class? Keep the WAYmat on the car seat, ride in comfort, and dryness! It keeps the car looking and smelling fresh! Minus the burns from the black leather:)

6.Cooler Stash. Excuse me sir but that is my baby’s changing blanket…thats also hiding my six-pack I’m about to sneak into this festival! Of course support your local vendors, but when you have to carry on you have to carry on! Go WAYmat!

7.Pet Bed. Doggy or Kitty need a place to snooze? Dial 1-800-PET-WAY and rest assured you pet will be napping in style. All animals love their WAYmat!

8.Bath/Shower Mat. Keeps the feet warm and doesn’t slip thanks to the rubber grips on the bottom! Simply throw it in the washer and its ready to go for next time. Choose from a variety of fun colors to spice up the Loo!

9.Baby/Toddler Floor Cushion. Works great for the little ones to sit and play on when they are learning at their most fragile stages! Keeps the floors clean and safe to play on which mothers LOVE!

10.Everything Mat. Hello! its called a WAYmat…It can be used in any and every WAY you want, need, or can imagine it to. The more you think of it, the more you can do. Yoga is everything, so the WAYmat can be used for everything. Just Believe!

-We Are Yoga


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